In 1908 the United States Congress recognized the unique risks faced by our nation’s railroad employees. The Federal Employers Liability Act “FELA” was passed to protect railroad workers and to provide fair financial compensation to those workers for work related injuries. The successful representation of a railroad worker requires knowledge of the laws which are a part of the FELA and also the operating practices of the railroad industry. Cal and his firm have successfully represented railroad workers across the Southeast for the last twenty-five years. Cal has also been called upon to assist other railroad counsel in important FELA cases in the Georgia trial and appellate courts. A thorough understanding of FELA, the Locomotive Inspection Act, the Safety Appliance Act, and the federal regulations passed pursuant to those acts is critical to obtaining justice for the injured railroad worker.

As every railroad worker knows, the railroad industry historically has earned the reputation of attempting to harass, retaliate, and intimidate injured railroad workers. This history caused the United States Congress in 2008 to enact Whistleblower protection to curb abuse of railroad employees who are injured on the job or who report unsafe railroad conditions. If you are a railroad worker and would like advice about your rights and remedies under the FELA or the Whistleblower protection laws, call Cal for a confidential and free consultation.

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