Notable Cases

$10 Million
Spinal Cord Injury
A young teenager became a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic due to medical malpractice in an emergency room. Due to this medical malpractice, his spinal meningitis was misdiagnosed, ultimately resulting in catastrophic spinal cord injury. [More]
$14 Million
Brain Injury / Truck Wreck
A husband/father received severe brain injuries in a train/truck wreck that occurred while he was driving home from work. The Plaintiff was stopped at a railroad crossing, when the oncoming train crashed into a tractor-trailer which was blocking the crossing. Flying debris from the collision struck Plaintiff, resulting in severe brain injury. [More]
$7.5 Million
Truck Wreck / Intersection Collision
A 50-year-old man suffered severe brain injuries in an intersection collision when a corporate truck made an improper turn. Prior counsel had advised the clients that a recovery could never exceed $1 Million. [More]
$2.25 Million
Premises Liability
This is believed to be the highest settlement in Georgia for the swimming pool / drowning death of a toddler. The victim, a three-year-old child, went into the pool area of an apartment complex, fell into the pool, and drowned. The pool gate was defective, did not self-close, and violated the county pool ordinance. The apartment complex had been repeatedly cited for defective pool gates and never made appropriate repairs. [More]
$1.8 Million
Burn Injury
A young woman rented an apartment and noticed the smell of gas in the kitchen. A repairman came, opened the oven, and struck a match. The resulting explosion caused severe burn injuries to the tenant. [More]
$1.3 Million
Premises Liability
A toddler suffered severe burns when she climbed onto an open oven door causing the stove to tip over, spilling hot grease onto the child. Plaintiff proved that stove tip-over is a known risk requiring that the stove be secured to prevent tipping over. [More]
$1 Million
Premises Liability
A worker was struck and pinned against a wall by a negligently operated backhoe – causing severe lacerations and injuries. Two prior law firms had rejected the case as unmeritorious due to workers compensation immunity. [More]
$3 Million
Wrongful Death
A homemaker in the passenger seat of a car driven by her husband was killed when her husband ran a stop sign and was hit by a speeding State of Georgia vehicle. The jury valued her life at $3 Million and established the important legal principle that the husband’s own negligence did not bar the daughter from recovering for her mother’s death. Judgment was entered for the daughter for $1.5 Million. [More]
$6 Million
Federal Tort Claims Act / Car Wreck
The Duke of Wellington’s Royal Rugby Regiment came to the United States for exhibition tour matches against stateside teams. A United States Army soldier, assigned as driver for the team, lost control of the van – causing a wreck in which team members were severely injured and one was killed. The case was extremely complicated, involving the FERES doctrine, NATO Treaty, and Status of Forces Agreement, and is believed to be one of the few, if not only, case in which foreign soldiers have been authorized to recover against the United States. Among those presenting evidence was Winston Churchill, III. The case was followed and reported by nationally published commentator James Kilpatrick. [More]