Wrongful Death

$2.25 Million
Premises Liability
This is believed to be the highest settlement in Georgia for the swimming pool / drowning death of a toddler. The victim, a three-year-old child, went into the pool area of an apartment complex, fell into the pool, and drowned. The pool gate was defective, did not self-close, and violated the county pool ordinance. The apartment complex had been repeatedly cited for defective pool gates and never made appropriate repairs.

Car Wreck / Construction Site
A sixteen-year-old girl drifted off the shoulder of a newly repaved road. She encountered a steep drop-off from the road surface to the dirt shoulder causing her to lose control and be killed in a one-car wreck. Since there were no witnesses and the wreck had to be reconstructed from circumstantial evidence, the case was exceedingly difficult. The result helped lead to safer procedures by the Department of Transportation and local governments in maintaining safe roadways.

Truck Wreck
A tractor-trailer truck driver was killed when the load in the trailer shifted in a turn. The outcome was particularly good since the law of the state of occurrence is that any contributing negligence by the driver precludes a recovery.

$3 Million
Car Wreck
A homemaker in the passenger seat of a car driven by her husband was killed when her husband ran a stop sign and was hit by a speeding State of Georgia vehicle. The jury valued her life at $3 Million and established the important legal principle that the husband’s own negligence did not bar the daughter from recovering for her mother’s death. Judgment was entered for the daughter for $1.5 Million.

Medical Malpractice
An elderly woman died due to complications from a medical procedure. 

Railroad / FELA
A railroad worker suffered an on the job back injury. Several years later he died on the operating table while undergoing back surgery.

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