Railroad/FELA Case Results

$14 Million
Brain Injury / Truck Wreck
A husband/father received severe brain injuries in a train/truck wreck that occurred while he was driving home from work. The Plaintiff was stopped at a railroad crossing, when the oncoming train crashed into a tractor-trailer which was blocking the crossing. Flying debris from the collision struck Plaintiff, resulting in severe brain injury.

A railroad worker suffered an on-the-job back injury. Several years later he died on the operating table while undergoing back surgery.

A railroad worker injured his back while attempting to open a defective window on the locomotive.

A railroad worker injured his back when a stanchion broke loose as he was attempting to climb onto a flat car.

A railroad worker suffered a back injury when a railroad “cab” driver was involved in a rear-end collision.

An engineer suffered a back injury when, due to a defective locomotive, he was unable to see and struck a standing car.

A railroad worker was injured when his train crossed a negligently maintained grade crossing.

A railroad trainman suffered a shoulder injury when his locomotive turned over on an area of track flooded by recent rains.

A railroad worker suffered a heat stroke while working a local job during the middle of July. Although there are several instances in which railroads have been found liable for failing to protect workers against extreme cold in northern states, this may be the first instance in which a railroad paid damages for “too hot to work” conditions in the deep South.

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