Miscellaneous Other Cases

$6 Million
Federal Tort Claims Act / Car Wreck
The Duke of Wellington’s Royal Rugby Regiment came to the United States for exhibition tour matches against stateside teams. A United States Army soldier, assigned as driver for the team, lost control of the van – causing a wreck in which team members were severely injured and one was killed. The case was extremely complicated, involving the FERES doctrine, NATO Treaty, and Status of Forces Agreement, and is believed to be one of the few, if not only, case in which foreign soldiers have been authorized to recover against the United States. Among those presenting evidence was Winston Churchill, III. The case was followed and reported by nationally published commentator James Kilpatrick.

Will Contest
A father made a verbal deal with his mother that he would make a will leaving all his estate to her on the condition that she would also make a will leaving everything she inherited from him to his only child, her granddaughter. Within a few days of his death, the grandmother revoked her will and made a new one leaving the multimillion dollar estate she had just inherited to others and excluding the man’s only child from any inheritance. Because of the difficulty of proving the case, a prior law firm withdrew. Due to the in-depth investigation by our firm, a jury found in favor of the granddaughter.

Legal Malpractice
The firm represented three adult children of a man killed in a car wreck. The surviving spouse/stepmother hired an attorney who settled the case. The spouse and her attorney failed to pay any proceeds to the surviving children. The case is relied upon throughout Georgia as establishing the proper method of distributing wrongful death proceeds between beneficiaries.

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