Construction Site

$1 Million

A worker was struck and pinned against a wall by a negligently operated backhoe – causing severe lacerations and injuries. Two prior law firms had rejected the case as unmeritorious due to workers compensation immunity.

Car Wreck / Wrongful Death / Premises Liability
A sixteen-year-old girl drifted off the shoulder of a newly repaved road. She encountered a steep drop-off from the road surface to the dirt shoulder causing her to lose control and be killed in a one-car wreck. Since there were no witnesses and the wreck had to be reconstructed from circumstantial evidence, the case was exceedingly difficult. The result helped lead to safer procedures by the Department of Transportation and local governments in maintaining safe roadways.

Burn Injury / Premises Liability
A welder suffered second degree burns when he was instructed to weld on top of an empty crude oil holding tank. The company failed to secure the area or shut down crude oil operations in a nearby tank.

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