Car Wreck/Truck Wreck

$14 Million
Brain Injury / Railroad
A husband/father received severe brain injuries in a train/truck wreck that occurred while he was driving home from work. The Plaintiff was stopped at a railroad crossing, when the oncoming train crashed into a tractor-trailer which was blocking the crossing. Flying debris from the collision struck Plaintiff, resulting in severe brain injury.

$7.5 Million
Brain Injury
A 50-year-old man suffered severe brain injuries in an intersection collision when a corporate truck made an improper turn. Prior counsel had advised the clients that a recovery could never exceed $1 Million.

$1.8 Million
Brain Injury
A woman suffered severe brain injury in an intersection collision. As the car in which she was a passenger left an apartment complex, the driver’s view was obscured by a sign that had been erected near the intersection. The sign violated the local sign ordinance and had been reported as dangerous.

Wrongful Death
A tractor-trailer truck driver was killed when the load in the trailer shifted in a turn. The outcome was particularly good since the law of the state of occurrence is that any contributing negligence by the driver precludes a recovery.

$3 Million
Wrongful Death
A homemaker in the passenger seat of a car driven by her husband was killed when her husband ran a stop sign and was hit by a speeding State of Georgia vehicle. The jury valued her life at $3 Million and established the important legal principle that the husband’s own negligence did not bar the daughter from recovering for her mother’s death. Judgment was entered for the daughter for $1.5 Million.

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