Burn Injuries

$1.3 Million
Premises Liability
A toddler suffered severe burns when she climbed onto an open oven door causing the stove to tip over, spilling hot grease onto the child. Plaintiff proved that stove tip-over is a known risk requiring that the stove be secured to prevent tipping over.

$1.8 Million
Premises Liability
A young woman rented an apartment and noticed the smell of gas in the kitchen. A repairman came, opened the oven, and struck a match. The resulting explosion caused severe burn injuries to the tenant.

Premises Liability
A house fire occurred due to defective lighting manufactured in China.

Premises Liability / Construction Site
A welder suffered second degree burns when he was instructed to weld on top of an empty crude oil holding tank. The company failed to secure the area or shut down crude oil operations in a nearby tank.

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